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Who We Are

"It is not where you go that matters but rather who takes you there."

Kepri on the Sahara sand dunes

Kepri's multicultural team designs and accompanies cultural ecotourism expeditions around the world. Kepri is constantly creating innovative ways to combine travel and sustainable development.

Since we know our destinations like the back of our hands (having lived there in most cases) and live in North America, we understand what you need and can thus bridge the gap between you and the culture you are exploring.

Founded in 2004, we are a young dynamic team that is passionate about creating trips that enable cultural exchange and promote a responsible way of travel. What makes the team unique is the fact that everyone is (1) multicultural, (2) multitalented, (3) has a desire to be part of a positive impact on the (natural and social) environment of the planet.

With its innovative business model and its engagement to making Kepri a global leader in the green, sustainable and responsible tourism industry, our team has already been presented with a number of awards and bursaries. We've also been featured on CTV News, CBC News, Global TV, The Montreal Gazette and others...

The Creative Organizers (COs)

Our trips are conceived and accompanied by Creative Organizers (we call them CO's) whose special quality is unique to kepri. They are multicultural in that although they now live in North America while they know and often come from the destination being visited. This allows us to discover many hidden treasures since our COs have the key contacts (families and friends) and know the country inside and out. Our CO's bring much more value to a trip than a traditional guide. It is because of their passion for sharing their intricate knowledge of the cultural heritage that they can make the key judgments on what to do and what not to do to. Thus, ensuring a trip like no other yet that would not be at all the same without the COs' presence.

Since personal contact with the local culture is what makes the exchange authentic, our COs give us the opportunity to be received like locals. Their contacts make the cultural exchange possible: we meet people that are not trying to sell us anything, but rather, live and work in different industries and are open to communicating and sharing their time with ours.

As far as their professional backgrounds, our CO's come from a variety of industries, making their contribution to the group that much more important. Why travel with a tour guide when you can travel with a PhD student, an entrepreneur, or an engineer?!

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whoweare_1.jpg Kepri in the Andes
whoweare_2.jpg Kepri in the Mediterranean
whoweare_3.jpg Kepri in the Amazone