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Mia Prattico
Mia Prattico
Peru June 2012
I did not visit or travel to Peru, I feel like I actually lived in Peru for three weeks to become part of life there, embedding myself in their daily lives...
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About Kepri

Costa Rica

Costa Rica-1339600609.jpg
Duration: 15 days
Price: $2,400 - $3,000 CAD
Including flights, lodging, activities, transport & 3 meals/day.

Summary: TRIP BLOG

A perfect combination of outdoor and cultural adventures to complement the community development project in Cedral. This Kepri Project is accompanied by Juan Carlos, a Costa Rican living in Montreal.

Part 1 - Cedral Community Project ►
Part 2 - Santa Elena & Monteverde ►


CO (Creative Organizer)
Let me take you to Costa Rica to show you its natural beauty and hidden treasures... Pura Vida! Read BIO ►

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Outdoor / Nature  
Cultural Exchange
Positive Impact
Costa Rica-Cedral-1339600054.jpg

Cedral Community Project

  • The purpose will be to have a long-term mark on the community
  • Students will be divided into small teams for various small projects
  • Teaching English and French
  • Redoing the signage of the village
  • Excursions: Swimming in waterfalls, trekking and a picnic
  • Workshops: dancing, cooking, local agriculture and milking cows
Costa Rica-Cedral-1339600270.jpg

Santa Elena & Monteverde

  • Cerro Amigos trail in the surrounding cloud forest of Monteverde
  • Use a private farm as a base for 4 looping trails through rainforest
  • Frog pond to admire >25 species of frogs and other amphibians
  • Monteverde Bat Jungle (educational displays)
  • Orchid garden that houses over 400 species of orchids
  • Learn about Monteverde’s butter!y ecology
  • Poàs Volcano Excursion (on the way back to San Jose)

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