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Matthew Thomas Lee
Saint Thomas High School
Peru June 2012, Matthew Thomas Lee
Student - Saint Thomas High School
Throughout my travels around the world, my trip with Kepri was the one that truly allowed me to see the country I visited from all points of view. The trip was perfectly organised so that we could experience absolutely everything within our time constraints. What a wonderful experience thanks to Kepri.
Anne  Novak-Vrana
Saint Thomas High School
Peru June 2012, Anne Novak-Vrana
Teacher - Saint Thomas High School
This has by far been the most well organized and educational trip we have taken with our students. From start to finish all details were evaluated and when need be, altered to satisfy the needs of our group. Good communication between Kepri and our group was highly encouraged more ?
Mia Prattico
Saint Thomas High School
Peru June 2012, Mia Prattico
Student - Saint Thomas High School
I did not visit or travel to Peru, I feel like I actually lived in Peru for three weeks to become part of life there, embedding myself in their daily lives and even got teary-eyed when I had to leave!
Kim Harvard
Westwood High School
Ecuador March 2012, Kim Harvard
Teacher - Westwood High School
I have been bombarded with stories from students and teachers all day, overwhelmingly positive. And one of the most frequent comments was how wonderful and hard working you were. We are so happy with our experience. I am really looking forward to working with you next more ?
Riley Simons
Westwood High School
Ecuador March 2012, Riley Simons
Student - Westwood High School
Thank you Kepri for the amazing trip. Definitely something that will stay with me forever. I cannot wait to go back someday to visit my Ecuadorian family. This was the first time that I ever really traveled, so you guys definitely play a role in my new found love for travel more ?
Cynthia Dessureault
Letendre High School
Italy April 2012, Cynthia Dessureault
Teacher - Letendre High School
The big difference with other school trips stood was the food quality. There was always an interesting variety and we could choose what interested us. The portions were generous and various.
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