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Simon Béland
Egypt July 2004, Simon Béland
A complete change of scenery! In only 10 days, I did sandboarding, camping in the desert, amazing snorkeling... I am out of words to describe my wonder!
Natalia Rojas
Peru August 2006, Natalia Rojas
I had the opportunity to travel with Kepri and join them in 2 of their trips: Egypt and Peru. I personally love to travel and visit new places, but going with them made me discover the country's culture in a way that I would have never imagined! The whole experience was unique because their concept involves stepping away from the "generic travel" to search and explore "hidden treasures" in isolated more ?
Miriam Zia
Egypt May 2006, Miriam Zia
There is something mystical, yet humbling, about Egypt. I could feel it on our treks along ancient paths of the Sinai mountains or when sitting around a campfire, gazing at a sky of a million stars that shimmered on the Red Sea. I could even sense it when waking up in the heart of desert dunes with a feeling of solitude, reminding me that I was far away from commodity and civilization. When I got back more ?
Laura Lebel
Egypt May 2006, Laura Lebel
It is the best way to discover a country...
Samantha Gargour
Peru August 2005, Samantha Gargour
I came to Peru in the hope of discovering more than just the country. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I think I got a lot more out of it than I ever imagined. From the mountains to the valleys and the beaches in Trujillo, I found what I was looking for and lost it all over again. Hidden from the chaos of city life for over a week I found myself in its midst lost now more than ever ...Whenever more ?
Sherine Arif
Egypt December 2004, Sherine Arif
The desert was my favorite part of the trip: A completely different experience for me even though I am of Egyptian origin. We got to see the part of Egypt that very few travelers get to see when they visit this country. It is something that once experienced, we just cannot get enough of.
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