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1. Service Offer

1. The following terms and conditions are applicable to the service offer presented to the traveler on the trip webpage (itinerary, what is included/excluded, terms of payments) and/or to the trip organization agreement signed with the group trip’s representative.

2. By accepting these terms and conditions in the present document the traveler or group trip representative also accepts the service offer (see trip web page or trip organization agreement).

3. The group trip’s representative (if it is the case) is held responsible to share the terms and conditions of the trip with all travelers represented.

4. Changes in the service offer (i.e. # of nights, change of regions visited, etc.) must be approved by the group trip’s representative (if it is the case) who is responsible to get the Traveler’s approval for these changes.

5. Minor changes to the itinerary/activities that do not affect the service offer will not necessitate approval (neither by the group trip representative nor by the Traveler).

2. Information Provided By Kepri

Kepri is obliged to provide the Traveler in writing before the departure: 1. The general information concerning passports and visas, the necessary travel arrangements concerning the Traveler’s health and safety.

2. The exact flight schedule: timetable with stops/connections.

3. The address and telephone number of the concerned embassies that can help the Traveler themselves in case of difficulties.

3. The Price Of The Trip

1. The price agreed on in the service offer (on the trip web page or in the trip organization agreement) is fixed and all compulsory services are included, barring an evident material mistake.

2. The price agreed on in the service offer may be revised downwards or upwards up to 21 calendar days preceding the departure date, if the revision is due to a change in:

a) The exchange rates that are applied to the trip and/or
b) The transport costs including fuel (i.e. fuel surcharge) and/or
c) The levies and taxes (i.e. airport taxes) due for certain services.
d) All elements that are outside of Kepri’s control (i.e. tourist visas, etc.).

3. If the increase is higher than 10 % of the total price, the Traveler may terminate the contract and receive a partial compensation. This compensation is calculated by subtracting the amounts received by Kepri from the Traveler minus the amounts already paid by Kepri to suppliers for the trip.

4. Transferable Bookings

1. Before his/her trip begins, the Traveler may transfer his/her trip (excluding the airfare) to a third party that must agree to all of these terms and conditions herein. The transferor must inform Kepri of this transfer in time before the departure and the Traveler will assume all costs related to the transfer. 2. Certain reservations cannot be transferred to another person and thus the Traveler that is ceding their place will have to assume these costs. 3. The Traveler who transfers his/her trip and the transferee must pay the total price of the trip.

5. Cancellation Or Modifications By The Traveler

1. In case of cancellation, the Traveler, even in cases of Force Majeure, must always pay the cancellation fees. The minimum cancellation fees are as follows:

121 days or more prior to the departure: 1st deposit
91 to 120 days before the departure: 50% of trip package
46 to 90 days prior to departure: 75% of trip package
45 days or fewer priors to departure: 100% of package

2. The Traveler will be held financially responsible to effect all payments made by Kepri to suppliers that cannot be reimbursed for reservations for the Traveler’s portion of the trip (i.e. flights, lodging, transportation, activities, etc.).

3. If the Traveler decides to cancel a part or the entire trip once the trip started, Kepri will not make any reimbursements.

4. The Traveler will only be able to receive reimbursements of their trip’s cancellation fees if they purchased cancellation insurance prior to the realization of the event causing the cancellation (in cases of Force Majeure, health issues, a death in the immediate family, etc.). Kepri recommends that all Travelers purchase cancellation insurance at the time of their first deposit payment for the trip.

5. For all requests for modifications to the service offer by the Traveler, Kepri reserves itself the right to decide on the supplemental fees associated with this change and to charge these fees to the Traveler.

6. Insurance

1. Before travelling, all Travelers are held responsible to purchasing medical travel insurance and to share the policy number and company’s contact information with Kepri.

2. Kepri recommends all Travelers to purchase the following insurance: Life insurance, medical insurance, lost-baggage insurance and cancellation insurance.

7. Non-Used Services

1. No refund will be given for services not used during the trip.

8. Cancellation Or Modifications By Kepri

1. Before or during the trip, Kepri reserves the right to cancel or modify a part of or the entire trip, without prior notice, for reasons of Force Majeure in which case Kepri will do their best to offer equivalent services. It is understood that the Traveler will have no right to claim any damages due to loss, damage or injury, physical or mental, due to these changes.

a. If modifications due to Force Majeure increase the costs of the trip the Traveler will be informed and will have to agree to cover these extra costs before Kepri can execute the modifications.
b. If these changes are major and occur more than 24 hours before the trip, Kepri is held responsible to inform the Traveler and to modify the service offer (trip web page or in the trip organization agreement). A major modification is a change in: (1) the number of complete days traveling, (2) in the zones of the trip parts and/or (3) the highlights of the trip parts.

2. If the trip modifications are minor, the Traveler will not require Kepri to change the service offer (trip web page or in the trip organization agreement). A minor modification does not change: (1) the number of days traveling, (2) in the zones of the trip parts and/or (3) the highlights of the trip parts.

3. Kepri can, without prior notice and without modification to the service offer (trip web page or in the trip organization agreement), replace certain lodging options (hotels, ecolodges, hostels, camp sites, etc.) by others of the same/equivalent category and quality.

4. Kepri can cancel a trip entirely if the number of total travelers signed up is inferior to the service offer (trip web page or in the trip organization agreement).

5. If it appears during the trip that an important part of the services related with the contract cannot be executed, Kepri must take all necessary measures to offer the Traveler appropriate and offer alternatives with a view to the continuation of the trip.

6. Kepri can cancel a specific Traveler’s trip and/or have them separated from the group and/or even get sent home if the Traveler is putting themselves, anyone else or the environment in any form of risk (legal, health, physical, psychological, etc.). The fees associated to this will be the responsibility of the Traveler in question. In such a case, the Traveler agrees not to claim any refunds of any kind.

9. Responsibilities Of The Traveler

1. In consideration of Kepri’s furnishing of services and/or equipment to enable the Traveler to participate in the trip, the Traveler fully understands, acknowledges and agrees that:

a) Outdoor recreational activities have:
I. Inherent risks, dangers and hazards and such exists in the use of any equipment and participation in these activities;
II. Participation in such activities and/or use of such equipment may result in injury or illness including, but not limited to, bodily injury, disease, strains, fractures, partial and/or total paralysis, death or other ailments that could cause serious disability;
III. By participating in these activities and for use of equipment, the Traveler hereby assumes all risks and dangers and all responsibility for any losses and/or damages,
b) On behalf of himself/herself, his/her personal representatives and heirs, hereby voluntarily agrees to release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify Kepri from any and all claims, actions or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services or otherwise which may arise out of use of any equipment or participation in these activities,
c) The Traveler is responsible to act as would a reasonably prudent person when engaging in recreational activities offered by Kepri
d) No Traveler may:
I. Fail to advise Kepri of any known health problems or any incident or accident involving personal injury or illnesses experienced during the course of the trip or
II. Engage in harmful conduct or willingly or negligently engage in any type of conduct which contributes to or causes injury to any person or personal property or
III. Perform any act which interferes with the safe running and operation of the trip, including failure to follow the instruction of the Travel Organizer in regard to the safety measures and conduct of the participants.

2. The Traveler has the responsibility to inform Kepri of all sickness/allergies so that Kepri may act accordingly.

3. The Traveler has the responsibility to visit a medical travel clinic to get informed and receive the necessary vaccines, if necessary.

4. The Traveler is responsible for all losses incurred by Kepri directly due to the Traveler’s errors (i.e. errors in given information or simply having given false information).

10. Authority

By subscribing for a trip the Traveler gives Kepri the explicit authority to represent him in all relations with the service providers. Also, the traveler authorizes Kepri to sign up them up in the Foreign Affairs And International Trade Canada for all emergencies at destination.

11. Timetables

The timetables mentioned in the service offer (on trip web page or in the trip organization agreement) are indicative. Under all circumstances the Traveler must take into account that the timetables can be changed before as well as during the trip.

12. Kepri’s Responsibilities

1. Kepri acts as an agent for the transportation companies, local service providers, hotels and intermediaries required to make the trip happen and will not be held responsible for whatever reason or in any way for the behaviour, omissions, errors or mechanical defects.

2. Kepri will not be responsible for any claims made by the Traveler for bodily injury, accidents, deaths, damage or loss of personal items, missed connections, bad weather, strikes, acts of terrorism, revolutions, wars or all other unforeseeable phenomena at the moment of departure or during the trip.

3. Kepri will not be held responsible for any claims made by the Traveler for reimbursements, damages or any fees that may be due to the fact that the Traveler omitted required or important information and/or documents (passport photocopies, visas, vaccines, etc.) for the trip.

4. Kepri will not propose any activities to the Traveler during that trip if these activities are not in line with the standards of Canadian/Quebec safety norms. If a supplier is not capable of supplying the required safety equipment, Kepri will be responsible to find a possible alternative to the activity.

13. Travel Documents

1. The Traveler must supply Kepri with all useful information that is asked for (passports, visas, vaccination booklets, insurance information, etc.).

2. Photocopies of all documents required by Kepri must be supplied 60 days prior to the date required by the airline.

3. The Traveler agrees to supply Kepri will all requested practical information.

4. Kepri will not be held responsible for any Traveler that is refused entrance to boarding a flight because of missing documents.

14. Photos & Videos

The Traveler agrees to allow Kepri to use all photos/videos taken on the trip on their Internet website as well as for other publications (digital or print).

15. Luggage

The maximum allowance for a passenger is generally 50 lbs. (23 Kg) for international flights and only 1 cabin handbag is allowed. The Traveler is responsible to get informed with regards to the airline rules and regulations concerning what can be packed in the luggage in order to avoid any surcharges. Kepri suggests the Traveler to clearly identify the luggage and purchase lost-luggage insurance before you travel.

16. Lodging

1. The type/category of lodging and the type/category of rooms (double, triple, quadruple, dormitories, etc.) are determined by Kepri unless specified in advance in the service offer (trip web page or in the trip organization agreement).

2. All special requests by the Traveler (type of lodging, type of room, number of travelers per room, etc.) may be tied to additional costs for Kepri that will be charged to and are the responsibility of the Traveler.

3. Kepri may, for reasons out of its control, replace some hotels by others, of similar category.