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Natalia Rojas

CO (Creative Organizer) - Colombia
Natalia Rojas is one of the first pioneering kepri travelers! Natalia is a charming leader and has the talent to motivate and empower people around her...
Natalia Rojas, CO (Creative Organizer) - Colombia

Born in La Patagonia, Argentina of Colombian parents, Natalia had the great opportunity to grow up in different places. At the age of 2, she followed her father who was transferred to Aberdeen, Scotland where she spent her kindergarten years. She then moved to Ciudad del Carmen, a small island in the Gulf of Mexico, where she spent her primary school years. She finally moved to Bogota, Colombia where she completed her high school and was surrounded by her whole family until she left the country in 2000.

At the age of 18, she took a big decision that lead to great changes in her life! She packed her bags once more and moved to Montreal, where she completed her Bachelor of Science (Major Computer Science and Minor in Management) at McGill University. Even though her initial intentions were to go back to Colombia after graduation, she enjoyed the Montreal lifestyle so much that she decided to begin her professional career in Canada after all.

Having lived in so many places allowed Natalia to develop a true passion for traveling and founded her quest to explore different cultures! Already establishing herself as an avid traveler with trips to Hawaii, Latin America, the US, and Europe, all at a young age, it was in 2004 that Natalia had the pleasure to travel with Kepri and join them for one of their first trips to Egypt. Absolutely fascinated with the experience, she re-joined another one of their trips the next year, this time to Peru.

After working a couple of years in the IT industry, she went back to school in Ontario to complete postgraduate studies in Interactive Multimedia at Sheridan College, and she is now back in Montreal, working for a leading software company and very motivated to have joined the Kepri team as a project manager for the creation of their new website.