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Juliana Alvarez

CO (Creative Organizer) - Argentina
Her greatest passion is traveling since it is her source of discovery, inspiration and adventure.
Juliana Alvarez, CO (Creative Organizer) - Argentina

For Juliana, experiencing an expedition translates into many pleasures: the build up of anticipation before the trip, the amazing fun experienced during the trip and the great memories that allow us to relive the moment after we come back home.

Born in France of Argentine parents that moved to Quebec when she was young, Juliana grew up amidst a plethora of cultures and the memorable fairy tales that her diplomat grand father used to share, allowing her to develop the travel bug very early on in her life.

Her home is decorated with objects coming from the four corners of the planet and this seems to be the source of her passion for design. She studied industrial engineering in University and did two semesters abroad: one in Italy and one in Argentina, further quenching her thirst for discovering cultures and languages. While at the University of Montreal she was a research assistant while helping in the organization of an international design congress all the while giving Spanish lessons to Montreal students participating in humanitarian trips in Latin America. She specialized in medical design during her master's and in 2012 decided to start her own business with two associates.

Argentina specifically holds a special place in her heart: you'll often see Juliana drinking maté, Argentina's official tea, whether at home, in class, at work or while traveling. With its 2.7 million km² Argentina holds many hidden treasures that Juliana is impatiently awaiting to make you discover!