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Fiorella López De Castilla

CO (Creative Organizer) - Peru
With Fiorella at your side you are sure to experience Peru in the best possible way...
Fiorella López De Castilla, CO (Creative Organizer) - Peru

Fiorella, who has lived in Quebec for the last three years, hasn't forgotten her beloved Peru and often returns home. Having spent many summers enjoying the beaches of Lima, hiking the Andes and exploring off-the-beaten path roads, she grew to love and take pride in her country of origin.

She studied tourism at the University Ricardo Palma in Lima and subsequently worked as a flight attendant and tour leader, taking travellers on cultural adventure trips across South America for years. Unafraid of challenges but respectful of local cultures, Fiorella loves to share her expertise and now that she has moved to Canada, will be taking travelers on trips back to Peru to provide them with a unique insider insight.