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Alyson Rodriguez

Area and Project Coordinator
With her knowledge of the Peruvian culture and her devotion to contributing to the sustainable development of her country through tourism, having Alyson with you guarantees an amazing trip!
Alyson Rodriguez, Area and Project Coordinator

Alyson has a true passion for her country, and since she left Peru to live in Canada she has planned going back while contributing to a cause to help the Peruvian economic development via tourism.

She studied tourism at Concordia University in Montreal and she is currently pursuing her academic career in business at the same institution. She has worked in the Alpaca (textile) industry in Canada helping Peruvian artisans benefit from this great material. Having dedicated her heart and soul to promoting fair trade, her knowledge of the Latin American countries combines well with her desire to enable responsible tourism to take its place in the Peruvian market. This in turn will allow for a true exchange of cultures and bring many benefits for all involved.

Alyson is also "in love " with theatre and dance: she used to work as an actress in the Ollin Theatre Group (she played many roles in English and Spanish for the National School of Theatre and the ASM). As for dancing, she has set her sights at mastering the art and soul of Flamenco in the very near future.

She considers herself honored to promote the cultural heritage of Peru as well as the other countries in Latin America. She is convinced that with Kepri she will be able to continue exploring the riches of not only Peru but the rest of Latin America as she accompanies travelers to unearth the natural and cultural treasures this continent has to offer...