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Sonjoy Athparia

CO (Creative Organizer) - India
With an Indian father and Canadian mother, Sonjoy has always embraced and embodied multiculturalism here in Canada, while continuing to nurture strong ties to his family in India.
Sonjoy Athparia, CO (Creative Organizer) - India

Hailing from Northeast India, his family is native to Kamakhya in Guwahati, the capital of Assam. Famous for its Goddess Temple and esoteric practices, it is a major pilgrimage destination in Northeast India. An exotic and often misunderstood region even by Indians themselves, Assam is home to lush green hills, tea gardens, rice plantations, the mighty Brahmaputra river originating in the Himalayas, as well as royal Bengal tigers and ornate Assamese silk.

Sonjoy has travelled extensively to over twenty countries in six continents, backpacking around the world with his artistic and musical family since an early age. He has since made seven trips to India and travelled to the four corners of the Indian subcontinent. After embarking on a four month adventure travelling spree in Peru, teaching English and music to tour guides as well as children in a rural amazonian mountain village, Sonjoy returned to India where he spent two months in South India exploring the architectural marvels, medieval temples and ashrams of Tamil Nadu as well as the backwaters and beaches of Kerala and Goa. He then spent another two months exploring the breathtaking Himalayas and Tibetan monasteries in Sikkim along with many tribal villages in the North-Eastern states and national parks in Assam, home to abundant wildlife, including the endangered one-horn rhino.

Sonjoy completed a multidisciplinary Undergraduate Degree in History, Culture, Society and Spanish at the University of Quebec in Montreal. To further broaden his life experience, Sonjoy participated in a three-month intensive yoga and meditation program in Tennessee. Seeking to gain an intellectual understanding of yoga and meditation which he has been practising for many years, he then pursued a Master's Degree in the History and Philosophy of Religion at Concordia University.

In his spare time, Sonjoy enjoys practising kung fu, cooking Indian food, spending time in the outdoors and enjoying music, culture and food from around the world. Sonjoy is extremely excited to be a part of the Kepri team and looks forward to many more adventures to India and beyond!