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Anna Angelis

CO (Creative Organizer) - Greece
Anna is a passionate traveler who believes deeply in sustainable travel. She also convinced that immersing oneself in the local cultures while traveling responsibly is the best way to understand and appreciate a country.
Anna Angelis, CO (Creative Organizer) - Greece

Anna was born in Athens Greece but moved to Montreal with her family as a young girl. During her childhood, she returned home to Greece many times and spent months visiting her family who are spread out all around Greece. In her late teens, Anna decided to live in Greece and spent a year traveling and exploring the country of her birth. Eventually she came back to Canada to continue her studies.

Anna enjoys travel and adventure and has a degree in tourism. She has worked in the hospitality industry for most of her adult life, including owning and operating her own restaurant. Anna’s thirst for exploration has led her to many countries. Her spirit for adventure drives her to pursue new quests such as horseback riding, skydiving and getting her private pilot’s license.

No matter where she travels, there is no place that feels more like home than Greece. Through her work with Kepri she is excited to be an ambassador of her country’s rich culture, beautiful islands and historical influence.

Anna is happy to be associated with an organization like Kepri that shares her values for sustainable tourism and is looking forward to share with every traveler who accompanies her an adventure of a lifetime.