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Alex Bowyer

CO (Creative Organizer) - England | UK
Alex is an experienced traveler who is excited to share his homeland of England and its rich culture and history with overseas visitors.
Alex Bowyer, CO (Creative Organizer) - England | UK

Alex grew up in Northumberland, in the North East of England. It is an area rich in history, from Hadrian's Wall and 2000-year-old Roman ruins through to medieval castles and stately homes. After graduating from Sheffield University in 2000, he has travelled extensively to different parts of the world, and has lived, worked and studied in the USA, Australia and Canada.

He is passionate about seeking out new experiences, and this has led him to trace the Ruta Maya through Central America, backpack around Australia and Southeast Asia, and road trip around the Wild West of America.

Alex loves meeting people from other cultures and sharing experiences, having participated in exchanges, Couchsurfing trips and backpacking tours. He is also a keen storyteller, and has written both non-fiction and creative fiction pieces inspired by his travels. Through his travels, Alex has learnt that no matter what country you grow up in, we're all basically the same inside, and he is keen to help others connect with different cultures to help open doors to new opportunities and experiences for them.

Alex speaks an intermediate level of French and a basic level of German, and is very easy to get along with. Alex is a relentless optimist and excited to be a Creative Organizer (CO) for Kepri, and aims to give adventurous travelers fantastic and memorable experiences in England and beyond.