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Marie Broudic

Project Coordinator
Raised in a sailors' family, Marie was rocked by travel stories that gave her the desire to discover the world.
Marie Broudic, Project Coordinator

Marie grew up in France and recently traveled to Hong Kong for a six months university exchange while completing her studies in management and commerce in Marseille, France. This trip also allowed her to discover China, Thailand and Vietnam. She certainly fell in love with the Asian culture. Once Marie graduated, she came back to Marseille where she worked for a company that imports organic and fair-trade spices. She continued to travel around Europe and Asia.

Passionate about traveling and concerned about sustainable development issues, Marie truly believes in a different way of traveling that respects the native cultures, the environment and the economy of the visited countries. She sees travel as an exchange that enriches both the "visitors" and the "visited". According to her, traveling around the world is not only the discovery of others, but also the discovery of oneself.

Her thirst for discovery and travel lead her to Montréal where she met Kepri Expeditions and joined the growing team. Marie is very enthusiastic to work for Kepri and to be part of its projects around the world. Her position allows her to promote what she loves: sustainable and off-the-beaten-track tourism. She is looking forward to offer every Kepri traveler unique and authentic experiences.