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Christian Eid

Project Coordinator
Believing that social responsibility and sustainable development should be at the heart of every organization and project, Christian wants to contribute by promoting and developing sustainable travel and ecotourism with Kepri.
Christian Eid, Project Coordinator

A true “third culture kid”, Christian grew up in a country that ironically doesn’t actually permit traditional tourism! Being raised in Saudi Arabia by a French Canadian mother and Lebanese father, his yearn for exploration allowed for the discovery of a nation rich in hidden culture and history. Often unmarked and unknown to most, the jewels of this ancient land were left to be found by those seeking real adventure. Soon enough his longing for exploration drove him to adopt a simple rule: explore a minimum of two new destinations/cultures every year. Today that accounts for over 30 countries!

Finally making his way to Montreal, Christian pursued his post-secondary education in marketing at Concordia University where he eventually became a strong advocate of corporate social responsibility. An entrepreneur at heart, he later launched his career helping co-found Canada’s first “social” bottled water. Comprised of a simple model, the profits supported the alleviation of thirst around the world. The company’s success allowed for the construction of multiple water wells in Nicaragua and the Congo, as well as financing potable water distribution systems in India and Sudan.

Searching for a new but responsible challenge, Christian’s background practically groomed him for Kepri. His goal is to increase Kepri’s reach while promoting humanitarian and socially responsible travel.