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Roy Venegas

CO (Creative Organizer) - Costa Rica
Roy is a globe-trotter who wants to help others discover his country of origin, Costa Rica, in a more responsible and sustainable way.
Roy Venegas, CO (Creative Organizer) - Costa Rica

“Globe-trotter” would be the best term for Roy, of Costa Rican origin; having visited more than 35 countries working with international organizations such as Oxfam, he has had the opportunity to work in reforestation projects, helping to developing his ecological conscience.

This “Tico” (popular nickname for Costa-Ricans), presently works as a Spanish teacher and is currently completing a Master’s degree in the teaching of Spanish as a second language. Living in Montreal since 2007, other passions of this lover of languages include photography and swimming.

Roy has always remained enthusiastic about his country and its culture, and fascinated by the natural riches that Costa Rica has to offer, recognized worldwide for the striking diversity of its flora and fauna, including many species unique to Costa Rica.

Roy cannot wait to share his home country in a way that travelers will return with the feeling that they did not simply visit Costa Rica, but rather that they return feeling they are now “Ticos de Corazon”. Travelers can expect to experience rich cultural adventures, and they will also have the opportunity to collaborate in community projects that will have positive impacts directly on the people of his country.