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Ivan Rojas-Goudeau

CO (Creative Organizer) - Chile
Passionate about his country of origin, Chile, Ivan is eager to accompany you for a unique experience with Kepri.
Ivan Rojas-Goudeau, CO (Creative Organizer) - Chile

Born in Bulgaria, Ivan moved back to Chile with his parents (Chilean and French) at the age of 5. Having his family members & close friends in different cities of Chile such as Santiago, Conception and Puerto Montt contributes to his knowledge of this country's various cultures and encouraged his drive for exploring and travel.

It was his passion and talent for squash that gave him the opportunities to play in various tournaments around the world at a young age. It was this same sport that brought him to Canada where he's lived for the past 10 years. Squash has always been a great platform for Ivan to further pursue other big interests such as coaching & organizing summer camps for students within the Power Squash Academy. He also worked at The World Squash Tour broadcasting top squash tournaments thus supporting his love for video & photography.

This in turn gave Ivan invaluable experience to then cofound his own T.V / Film / Web company - Vidyn Media. Vidyn has continued to deliver Ivan cultural experiences while filming and documenting different parts and people of the world.

Given his background and hands-on approach Ivan is eager to share and contribute to Kepri's vision for innovative travel while holding true to an authentic and positive Chilean experience every time. Even though he's traveled extensively throughout his life, Ivan's love for Chile will always come first; helping to make each expedition an amazing journey for everyone!