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Claudia Matos

CO (Creative Organizer) - Peru
With her strong organizational skills and her willingness to share the chocolate she always carries around, Claudia will make your travel experience something to remember.
Claudia Matos, CO (Creative Organizer) - Peru

Claudia loves everything a trip can offer to a human being, as she believes the change of landscape rejuvenates the spirit. She is convinced that learning about different life styles contributes to tailor an happy one for oneself and that tasting different food is an adventurous experience.

Born and raised in Lima-Peru, Claudia is a humanitarian and nature-lover with an acute interest in cultures and societies. She has travelled extensively in her homeland and got involved in local communities, making others benefit from her skills. She is passionate about the nature and culture her country can offer and she is keen to show it to others.

To nurture her vast curiosity, she has travelled in Europe, Latin America and Asia. She has studied and worked in Belgium, England, USA, Canada and India. All these experiences made her an easygoing and open-minded person that can easily blend.

Claudia is trained as a Medical doctor and she obtained a Master of Science in Human Genetics from McGill University. While continuing her scientific research in Montreal, she also works as a university guest teacher in Peru and as health educator in Peruvian local communities.

She gets fascinated by healthy food recipes, she practices Yoga and she enjoys hiking and spending time at the beach. She loves dancing “Marinera Norteña”, a Peruvian traditional dance that she dances since age 5.

Claudia is also constantly developing new expeditions with Kepri and coaching new COs.