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Sarah Varichon

CO (Creative Organizer) - Spain
Traveling is for Sarah a real lifestyle. Traveling the world from early on and following her globetrotting father, she considers traveling as the best school for life's lessons.
Sarah Varichon, CO (Creative Organizer) - Spain

It is through her many adventures and encounters with different people and cultures that she learned the most: Cultural exchanges remain one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

Born in Montreal, from a French father and Guyanese mother, Sarah left with her family to Vancouver Island at the age of 6, where she developed a great love for Mother Nature and all outdoor activities. For her, being in harmony with nature is necessary to be in balance between oneself and the environment.

At the age of 12, Sarah and her family flew to Spain to discover its rich culture. She instantly took to the Spanish identity. She lived in a gypsy community in Granada where her greatest passion was born: flamenco. She had the chance to discover her country in great depth, its rich cultural and natural diversity from North to South and from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast.

At the age of 15, she left with her father on a one year backpack trip to explore India and South East Asia. There, she participated in various volunteering projects. Then she went back alone to live in Spain and began her career in tourism.

In her travels so far, she has always been curious to discover the parts of the countries she visits that are still wild and authentic, as well as other parts that are ravaged by mass tourism. This is how she built herself a strong awareness of eco-friendly traveling.

Sarah has been living in Montreal since 2008, and is currently finishing her BA in animation and Cultural Research at UQAM. She worked for three years at Couscous Comedy Show.

It is with great joy that Sarah is joining the Kepri team to help others to discover the Spain she loves so much, while contributing to a more global sustainable development of the country.