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Jean-Claude Moubarac

Athropology Consultant - CO (Creative Organizer)
With his knowledge of the natural and cultural environments of Peru, as well as his dedication to contributing to the long-term sustainable development of the country, Jean-Claude will make you experience a truly unique journey!
Jean-Claude Moubarac, Athropology Consultant - CO (Creative Organizer)

Jean-Claude Moubarac is a passionate and engaged anthropologist! He completed his bachelor's in anthropology as well as his master's in archeology at the University of Montreal. His master’s focused on the Mochica culture on the northern coast of Peru. He thus participated in a number of archeological digs in Peru, plus some others in Quebec and Tunisia. Having been to Peru a great number of times, both for work and for pleasure, he has integrated himself in the local communities and cultures and of course, speaks fluent Spanish.

He is presently a doctorate candidate in the Public Health sector at U of M where he is completing his research on the nutritious consumption behavior promoting health. Over the course of the last year, Jean-Claude has also largely contributed to a sustainable development project of Diabetes prevention at the Indigenous Friends Center of Montreal. He has also worked for many years, in parallel to all this, as a 'Mad Science' educator in primary schools across the province.

As Jean-Claude is slowly but surely adding to his list of travels, (Egypt, Tunisia, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru and Central Europe), he is enthusiastically awaiting the chance to share his experience and knowledge with you.