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Mélissa Levasseur Dupuis

Project Coordinator
Traveling, learning new languages and discovering new cultures has always been a passion for Melissa.
Mélissa Levasseur Dupuis, Project Coordinator

Always conscious of environment issues and the sustainable development of tourism projects, her graduation project in university was on socially responsible tourism in Lima, Peru, where young students were taken off the beaten path to discover the regions less commonly visited by tourists. It is after completing her paper that this project convinced her to become an adventure guide to try her hand at rerouting mass tourism to becoming more responsible.

After guiding in the province of Quebec for a season she finally found a way to follow her dream and started her job as an adventure tour guide in Peru. She received travelers from various countries and took them all over the country and even traveled to Bolivia for some group trips. She was then recruited to work for Club Aventure and was able to guide and thus visit countries all over Latin America like Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, etc. She even got to guide some trips to China before she decided to move back to Montreal in 2011, 5 years after her adventure in Peru started.

As she was traveling while guiding, Melissa discovered hidden treasures all along the way as she took her travelers to small villages to meet the local communities and really get a feel for the local culture. Once back in North America she wanted to find a way to continue to promote a more responsible way of traveling, and so started looking for an ecotourism company she could join.

That’s when Kepri’s path crossed Melissa’s and the two realized there was a perfect match: with her experience in ecotourism and Kepri’s need to help spread the word and find more groups interested in traveling on these types of expeditions, Melissa’s been helping Kepri grow to the next level. Her main objective is to get enough groups to travel in a responsible way that she can feel she is having a true impact on improving the ecosystems of the countries visited. Her passion for this alternative way of traveling is what will allow many travelers to discover the true riches that many places have offer while respecting the local culture and the local economy.

Feel free to contact Melissa with any questions for any trip projects you might have.