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Anika Bonhomme

CO (Creative Organizer) - France
Born in Germany and having grown up in France with a German mother and a Spanish father, Anika has always considered herself profoundly European.
Anika Bonhomme, CO (Creative Organizer) - France

She first started her studies in the History of Art at Sorbonne, Paris, as she was pushed by a strong curiosity for linking cultures between the different countries of Europe and their multiple artistic influences. Her studies then brought her to Berlin where she organized some short expeditions for various friends as she allowed them to discover this stunningly cosmopolitan city.

She then took on two big trips, one to Indonesia and the other to Mongolia, where she discovered the dangers of commercial tourism on the traditional local cultures and the surrounding environment. It was after an internship at a classic tour operator that she decided to specialize her tourism studies in the Development and Protection of Cultural Sites in order to develop the tools needed to create ecotourism trips to France and Northern Europe.

Which is what she now does with Kepri as she proposes trips to the secret corners of France, allowing travelers to experience the fascinating diversity as well as the culinary, and architectural traditions. Anika will show you how the French can even be welcoming in Paris !