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Keiko Hisamatsu

CO (Creative Organizer) - Japan
This Japanese-Canadian will entice you into a completely different world. Her experience in a variety of fields adds an interesting factor the mix: Keiko knows exactly how to perfectly balance an itinerary to her homeland, Japan.
Keiko Hisamatsu, CO (Creative Organizer) - Japan

Keiko has extensive experience working in Japan with both international and Japanese visitors. Her home in Japan is on the southern main island of Kyushu overlooking the Kujukushima Islands in Saikai National Park. The good fortune of living right on the doorstep of a marine park that is one of the premiere spots for kayaking in Japan led her to become an avid sea kayaker. She has competed in races in around the country which have helped her discover and explore the natural beauty of Japan.

Since moving to Canada, Keiko has guided Japanese tour groups showing them around Montreal and the surrounding areas. Keiko now studies and practices Karate and uses her knowledge of Japanese culture to teach students Japanese as well as origami. She shares her knowledge and experience by leading groups from Canada back to Japan and assists them in discovering the remarkable beauty of her native country and its people with their modern and ancient culture.