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Mariana Tayler

Project Coordinator | Theatre Specialist | CO (Creative Organizer)
She is convinced that there is nothing that can replace the lessons learned from travel and being confronted to new cultures.
Mariana Tayler, Project Coordinator | Theatre Specialist | CO (Creative Organizer)

Born in Colombia and having grown up in Montreal, Mariana is a multicultural artist. Her ability to easily partake in and traverse from one culture to another has enabled her to perform in French, English, Spanish and Italian with each of their own distinctive cultural nuances intact.

At the age of 14, she confirmed her passion for the stage while acting in an Italian Commedia dell’arte production. During the nine years since, she has pursued her passion for Italian culture and explored it further by partaking in a theatre festival in Puglia and enrolling in an intensive workshop in Commedia dell’arte production in Florence.

Other international theatre endeavors of note include her portrayal of Cunégonde in an adaptation of Voltaire’s Candide while visiting her native country for a year at the age of 17—a production which the French embassy of Colombia later invited to have reproduced for the French cultural week in Bogota.

Always traveling, it is more recently, in 2011, that through an exchange with the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts (NACTA) in Beijing, she completed her diploma requirements and was awarded a Bachelor with Distinction in Theater Performance through Concordia University.

Since completing her degree at Concordia, Mariana has acted in various plays, namely with Geordie Productions with whom she did an eight month tour across eastern Canada. She has also acted in numerous short films and independent films, as well as begun an extensive journey in continuing her training and education in performance with some of Montreal’s best coaches.

She is excited about offering theatre tour opportunities to Canadian actors who want to discover a new culture and its forms of theatre. She is convinced that there is nothing that can replace the lessons learned from travelled and being confronted with new cultures.

There is, however, a specific way of traveling that allows for the true discovery of the country's inhabitants ; It is thus with great enthusiasm that she took up the challenge to become a Kepri CO, so she can create unforgettable experiences for the travelers she accompanies, whether in Italy or Colombia!