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Karim Haggar

Karim is co-founder of Kepri and the first CO (Creative Organizer) for Egypt and the Middle East. He is determined to give you an unforgettable travel experience.
Karim Haggar, Co-Founder

Co-founder of Kepri, Karim is also the company’s first CO (Creative Organizer) to Egypt and the Middle East. He grew up in Alexandria, the Mediterranean capital of Egypt, in an entrepreneurial family.

Marveled by his country's natural and cultural riches, Karim has been exploring Egypt since his early adolescence by organizing adventures for him and his friends. Through his discoveries he noticed the degree at which industrialization and mass tourism could completely destroy the environment of the country that make up the true national treasures. His passion for adventure trip organization and his determination to concretely contribute to the sustainable development of the planet pushed him to start-up Kepri with his life-long friend. His work at Kepri focuses on strategy, finance, IT, engineering and product development. He has organized and guided over 20 expeditions to Egypt, Jordan and the Middle East while also training COs in India, Peru, Greece and Argentina with hundreds of travelers of all ages. Karim is constantly coaching new team members and working hard to provide more innovative and value-creating expeditions.

Karim lives in Montreal since 1999 and is completing his doctorate degree at Polytechnique Montreal in Strategy and Innovation. He worked a research associate for the MINE project (Managing Innovation in the New Economy), one of Canada’s most important management research projects. He has also obtained his Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique. Over the course of his studies, he participated in many extra-curricular activities, namely the Poly-Monde project in 2004 which entailed having him organize industrial visits and interviews with leaders of different industries in Switzerland. As a research associate, Karim organized missions to China, Taiwan, Silicon Valley, India, and France. He has recently joined the Dobson Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at McGill University to teach and share his experience as both an entrepreneur and an academic.

With his experience in ecotourism, his skills in the field of Innovation and Engineering as well as his entrepreneurial flare, Karim is determined to give to each and every traveler an unforgettable experience. He hopes to make Kepri a world leader in the ecotourism industry while contributing to the significant improvement of the Earth's ecosystems.