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Leila Bihkak

CO (Creative Organizer) - Morocco
For Leila, her personal enrichment results largely from continuous discovery and cultural exchange.
Leila Bihkak, CO (Creative Organizer) - Morocco

Herself stemming from a mixture of cultures, (born in Bogota, of Colombian mother and Moroccan father of Berber descent) she grew up in Morocco until she turned 18 years moved to Montreal, Canada, to pursue her university education.

Fascinated by music, dance and drawing, disciplines which she practices as much as she can, Leila has a big passion for travelling and organizing cultural adventurous: having a second home in France and Spain, she has had the experience Switzerland, Senegal, Panama, the United States and ceaselessly thrives to add new destinations to her portfolio. Impatient to have the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of the country she knows best, Morocco, Kepri thus represents her chance to participate in a long-term responsible tourism program while joining the useful to the pleasant. She looks forward to taking you along on her next trip...