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Pau Bachero

Trainer: Physical Theatre Workshops
Actor, mime and theatre director, Pau is former member of the company Théâtre du Mouvement, with the show "Encore une heure si courte...".
Pau Bachero, Trainer: Physical Theatre Workshops

He has been part of different theatre and dance companies as well, such as Omnibus in Montreal, Raravis Danza, La Tal, Agrupación Sr Serrano in Barcelona, and Res de Res in Mallorca, among others, touring around many different countries around Europe and South America.

As a teacher, Pau has led labs and taught courses on theatre, mime and movement in Spain, Poland, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Pau trained at the Institut del Teatre and the International School of corporal mime in Barcelona, the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, L'École du Mime in Montreal and at the Studio of Théâtre du Mouvement in Paris.