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Alberto Zapater

CO (Creative Organizer) - Italy, Spain & Peru
With his passion for traveling and a curiosity for getting to know and learning about other cultures, Alberto gathers the adequate enthusiasm and excitement to make his trips unique...
Alberto Zapater, CO (Creative Organizer) - Italy, Spain & Peru

Alberto graduated from Concordia University in 2008 with a degree in History and soon after began sharing his knowledge of the world's civilizations through Kepri. He has extensively traveled around the world for many years and knows what people enjoy more about the places they visit and the cultures they meet.

He has previously promoted tourism to Peru to help increase the number of people interested in going to explore and learn more about the beauties this Latin American destination. He is also originally Italian and he strongly believes that through his constant involvement in the tourism industry he can help his countries of origin develop in the long run. He's had stints where he lived in various countries in Europe, namely Spain and Italy.

Alberto enjoys getting involved in the different artistic realms and has a strong passion for music in particular. He believes that it is through arts that entire civilizations let the rest of their neighbours know who they are and how they are contributing to enrich mankind. That is why he constantly encourages people to learn the traditional arts and crafts that each culture engages in so there can be a better understanding that comes from our visiting them.

Alberto is looking forward to learning from every trip he organizes to bring something positive onto himself and become a better Creative Organizer (CO) and human being. He is confident that through Kepri he will have the adequate ingredients to connect with his tourists, the places he visits and the world as an ecosystem in harmony as it is supposed to be.