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Dina Kamal

CO (Creative Organizer) - Egypt
Born and raised in Montreal, with both parents being Egyptian, Dina has always proudly identified herself with her Egyptian roots...
Dina Kamal, CO (Creative Organizer) - Egypt

Having been blessed with the opportunity to travel at a young age, Dina discovered her constant state of wanderlust. She spent her summers travelling to many destinations and discovering new adventures all while learning every step of the way. Her ease in interacting with the people and adapting to different cultures has only grown and deepened with time.

Throughout College, Dina was an active member of the multicultural association, bringing awareness to students regarding Egyptian culture, as well as learning from her peers about their cultures. During her studies at Concordia University in Human Relations and Marketing, Dina volunteered working with Centraide, a non-profit organization, where she worked with elderly groups and organized activities to promote independence and helped build strong ties between youth and seniors as a part of the community. She has also helped conduct research for Éco-quartier in order to find local solutions for the environment and to help improve the quality of life.

Dina's love for travel led her to work at the International Airport of Montreal for many years. This helped her better understand the global playground right from her home town and gave her the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, from different walks of life. Her interpersonal communication skills, charming, friendly personality, and her being able to speak English, French and Arabic have only facilitated her natural interaction with others. With Montreal being such a diverse and multicultural environment, Dina has been known to talk to anyone and everyone.

Dina feels that being part of the Kepri team will quench her thirst for travel and adventure, and allow her to create truly unique trips for her clients. As a Kepri Creative Organizer, she is ready to explore the marvels and riches of travel to its fullest potential to show everyone how with a bit of creativity, mixing fun and responsibility is possible!