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Catherine Awad

CO (Creative Organizer) - Egypt
With her excellent knowledge of the local Egyptian culture and her determination to contribute to the sustainable development of her country, Catherine will ensure an amazing experience for all.
Catherine Awad, CO (Creative Organizer) - Egypt

For Catherine, traveling is as essential to life as water. And her passion for discovery always leads her off the beaten path.

A lifetime Montrealer, Catherine will happily guide you to uncover the beauty of the culture, history and daily lives of her family homeland, Egypt. Currently completing her MBA at McGill University, Catherine has both an entrepreneurial and creative spirit that she leverages in her professional career in marketing. Equally interested in sustainable and international development, Catherine is involved in these fields as editor-in-chief for the magazine Managing and Developing NGO MBAs Without Borders.

Fascinated by languages, Catherine is fluent in English, French, Arabic and Spanish and has traveled far and wide in exploration. Having had the privilege of visiting all 5 continents, Catherine is particularly fascinated by the natural beauty of countries such as Vietnam, Australia and Brazil.

Together with Kepri, Catherine is committed to offering dynamic trips bursting with adventure-filled excursions, cultural exchanges and simply unforgettable moments.