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Kepri Team

Kepri's multicultural team designs and accompanies cultural ecotourism expeditions around the world. Since we know our destinations like the back of our hands (having lived there in most cases), we understand what you need and can thus bridge the gap between you and the culture you are exploring.

Core Team


Karim Haggar


Karim is co-founder of Kepri and the first CO (Creative Organizer) for Egypt and the Middle East. He is determined to give you an unforgettable travel experience.

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Anthony Chamy


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Mélissa Levasseur Dupuis

Project Coordinator

Traveling, learning new languages and discovering new cultures has always been a passion for Melissa.

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Alyson Rodriguez

Area and Project Coordinator

With her knowledge of the Peruvian culture and her devotion to contributing to the sustainable development of her country through tourism, having Alyson with you guarantees an amazing trip!

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Mariana Tayler

Project Coordinator | Theatre Specialist | CO (Creative Organizer)

She is convinced that there is nothing that can replace the lessons learned from travel and being confronted to new cultures.

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Marie Broudic

Project Coordinator

Raised in a sailors' family, Marie was rocked by travel stories that gave her the desire to discover the world.

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Alam Aguilar

Project Coordinator

Convinced that business strategy and organizational change could be used to alleviate social issues, Alam decided to leave Mexico and his career at a multinational company to study sustainable development.

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Christian Eid

Project Coordinator

Believing that social responsibility and sustainable development should be at the heart of every organization and project, Christian wants to contribute by promoting and developing sustainable travel and ecotourism with Kepri.

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Erika Fisseler

CO (Creative Organizer) - Ecuador

Born in Ecuador, from Colombian and German parents, Erika has grown up in a multicultural environment. For her, exchange with others is key to personal development.

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Fiorella López De Castilla

CO (Creative Organizer) - Peru

With Fiorella at your side you are sure to experience Peru in the best possible way...

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Leo Albuquerque

CO (Creative Organizer) - Brazil

A passionate Brazilian and advocate of sustainable development, Leo is determined to give travelers unique experiences that are far from typical.

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Roy Venegas

CO (Creative Organizer) - Costa Rica

Roy is a globe-trotter who wants to help others discover his country of origin, Costa Rica, in a more responsible and sustainable way.

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Sonjoy Athparia

CO (Creative Organizer) - India

With an Indian father and Canadian mother, Sonjoy has always embraced and embodied multiculturalism here in Canada, while continuing to nurture strong ties to his family in India.

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Xinlin (Shelly) Rao

CO (Creative Organizer) - China

Born and raised in four different countries, Shelly is passionate, curious, and constantly seeking new adventures and territories to explore. She recently joined the Kepri team to share her passion for China and sustainable travel.

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Alberto Zapater

CO (Creative Organizer) - Italy, Spain & Peru

With his passion for traveling and a curiosity for getting to know and learning about other cultures, Alberto gathers the adequate enthusiasm and excitement to make his trips unique...

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Anna Angelis

CO (Creative Organizer) - Greece

Anna is a passionate traveler who believes deeply in sustainable travel. She also convinced that immersing oneself in the local cultures while traveling responsibly is the best way to understand and appreciate a country.

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Birgit K. Erdan

CO (Creative Organizer) - Germany-Austria-The Netherlands

Birgit wants to share her passion and knowledge about Europe and more importantly about Germany and Austria. She promises to take everyone who join her on an unforgettable journey.

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Bruno Millia

Bio in English is coming soon - please see bio in French.

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Claudia Matos

CO (Creative Organizer) - Peru

With her strong organizational skills and her willingness to share the chocolate she always carries around, Claudia will make your travel experience something to remember.

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Ivan Rojas-Goudeau

CO (Creative Organizer) - Chile

Passionate about his country of origin, Chile, Ivan is eager to accompany you for a unique experience with Kepri.

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Juliana Alvarez

CO (Creative Organizer) - Argentina

Her greatest passion is traveling since it is her source of discovery, inspiration and adventure.

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Leila Bihkak

CO (Creative Organizer) - Morocco

For Leila, her personal enrichment results largely from continuous discovery and cultural exchange.

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Sarah Varichon

CO (Creative Organizer) - Spain

Traveling is for Sarah a real lifestyle. Traveling the world from early on and following her globetrotting father, she considers traveling as the best school for life's lessons.

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Silvia Arana

CO (Creative Organizer) - Guatemala

(The English bio is coming soon)

Passionnée par son pays d'origine, le Guatemala, Silvia veut partager sa culture et promet de faire vivre une expérience unique à chaque voyageur qui l'accompagne.

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Alex Bowyer

CO (Creative Organizer) - England | UK

Alex is an experienced traveler who is excited to share his homeland of England and its rich culture and history with overseas visitors.

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Joanie St-Pierre

CO (Creative Organizer) - Quebec & North America

Bio coming soon.

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Philippe Raz

CO (Creative Organizer) - Madagascar

His inside knowledge of Madagascar as well as his leadership and devotion to contributing its sustainable development, Philippe can easily design the most amazing of trips on the "Red Island"...

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Anabel Díaz

CO (Creative Organizer) - Cuba

Passionate about her country of origin, Cuba, and its culture, Anabel takes all the travelers who accompany her on an unforgettable cultural adventure.

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Amir Khoury

CO (Creative Organizer) - Egypt

Born and raised in Montreal, Amir grew close to his beloved Grand Mother who only spoke Egyptian and quickly learned how to communicate in Arabic. His childhood vacations to Egypt were the founding stone of an emerging passion for Travel.

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Amara Seydi

CO (Creative Organizer) - Senegal

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Catherine Awad

CO (Creative Organizer) - Egypt

With her excellent knowledge of the local Egyptian culture and her determination to contribute to the sustainable development of her country, Catherine will ensure an amazing experience for all.

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Jean-Claude Moubarac

Athropology Consultant - CO (Creative Organizer)

With his knowledge of the natural and cultural environments of Peru, as well as his dedication to contributing to the long-term sustainable development of the country, Jean-Claude will make you experience a truly unique journey!

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Natalia Rojas

CO (Creative Organizer) - Colombia

Natalia Rojas is one of the first pioneering kepri travelers! Natalia is a charming leader and has the talent to motivate and empower people around her...

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Jasna Hancevic

CO (Creative Organizer) - Croatia

Jasna has always had a passion for travel...

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Dina Kamal

CO (Creative Organizer) - Egypt

Born and raised in Montreal, with both parents being Egyptian, Dina has always proudly identified herself with her Egyptian roots...

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Keiko Hisamatsu

CO (Creative Organizer) - Japan

This Japanese-Canadian will entice you into a completely different world. Her experience in a variety of fields adds an interesting factor the mix: Keiko knows exactly how to perfectly balance an itinerary to her homeland, Japan.

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Anika Bonhomme

CO (Creative Organizer) - France

Born in Germany and having grown up in France with a German mother and a Spanish father, Anika has always considered herself profoundly European.

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Danielle Haggar

Host/Pilates Instrucor

Born in Alexandria, Danielle Haggar has always been a very active and energetic person. She has always, since a young age, been curious to discover the world that surrounds her, thus developing a great passion for traveling which never faded...

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Pau Bachero

Trainer: Physical Theatre Workshops

Actor, mime and theatre director, Pau is former member of the company Théâtre du Mouvement, with the show "Encore une heure si courte...".

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Roberto Andrioli

Theatre Workshop Trainer

Actor, director, play-writer, trainer and set designer.

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