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The Kepri Creative Organizers (COs) will take charge of your trip and help you through a cultural immersion and discovery experience for you and your students

Japan with West Island College

Every student expedition is a mission. The Kepri COs conceive and accompany small groups as they combine exploring nature with an authentic cultural exchange. By bridging the cultural link between the traveler and the local population, we offer unique moving experiences that aim at creating a long-term positive impact.

Our itineraries are designed from A to Z, all the way down to every last detail, by our Creative Organizers (COs). Accompanying you on your trip, your CO comes from the country you are visiting yet lives in North America. Their expertise of both the destination visited and where the travelers come from helps to bridge the cultural gap between tourists and locals. It is your Kepri CO that will be your local guide but also with whom you will be able create the itinerary based on your needs. Helping you answer the students and their parents’ questions before the trip, and being able to adjust the itinerary even once on the trip because of their vast contacts, our COs make the Kepri experience truly custom-made. You are thus being accompanied before, during and even after the trip.

Our student trips are great opportunities for groups of students to immerse themselves in new foreign cultures, to develop stronger bonds amongst their peers and to develop their sense of responsible, authentic and secure travel. The Kepri formula is a perfect balance between spending time in nature without destroying it, participating in cultural exchange activities with the local communities, taking the time to relax, learn and of course have fun as well as have a positive impact on your students as well as the destination visited.

We offer an innovative alternative to mass tourism and traditional student trips.

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student_1.jpg Egypt with ITHQ (Institut de Tourisme et d'Hôtelerie du Québec)
student_2.jpg Greece with Georges Vanier School (Laval)
student_3.jpg Egypt with Montmorency CEGEP