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"If you have experience in a specific field and want to make use of it in ecotourism send us your application and proposal..."

Archaeological Digs

General requirements and skills desired:

Training/Education: having obtained a university degree or in the process of completing a university degree; having obtained a graduate university degree (either a Master's or a PhD) is considered an asset

Work Location: based in Montreal; possibility of occasional trips for conferences and presentations as well as trips abroad

Personal Values: sharing Kepri's values; being perseverant and looking to take up formidable challenges, having a sense of innovation, being honest and staying true to promises, acting professional at all times, thinking on a long-term basis (demonstrating the will to want to work on a long-term basis) and being passionate about his or her work and passionate about ecotourism.

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Specific requirements and skills:

Candidates who have experience in a specific field related to ecotourism like botany, ornithology, archaeology, education, climbing, etc. and who want to make use of it can send their application by submitting their project proposal as well as their proposed action plan. The proposals will be selected mainly based on the following criteria:
  1. The candidate's entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. The originality of the proposal (its innovativeness) and its feasibility.
  3. The significance of the proposed action plan.
  4. Strong interpersonal skills.
  5. The ability to manage teams and skills in strategic planning.
  6. The candidate's determination and approach.

Other requirements:

  1. 1 to 5 years of experience.
  2. Pertinent international experience.
  3. Interest in the preservation of the earth’s natural environment and in the sustainable development of world cultures.
  4. Knowledge in the principles of sustainable development and ecotourism.
  5. Trilingual (French, English and a third language): Ability to read and write in all three languages, additional languages are considered an asset.
  6. Optimistic.
  7. Motivated by results.
  8. Earnest analytical attitude.
  9. Great communication skills.
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projects_2.jpg Birdwatching
projects_3.jpg Making Documentaries