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Creative Organizer

Kepri is constantly looking to add new members to the team: leaders with the motivation to change the way people travel and make a difference.

Observing and contemplating nature

General requirements and skills desired:

Training/Education: having obtained a university degree or in the process of completing a university degree; having obtained a graduate university degree (either a Master's or a PhD) is considered an asset

Work Location: based in Montreal; possibility of occasional trips for conferences and presentations as well as trips abroad

Personal Values: sharing Kepri's values; being perseverant and looking to take up formidable challenges, having a sense of innovation, being honest and staying true to promises, acting professional at all times, thinking on a long-term basis (demonstrating the will to want to work on a long-term basis) and being passionate about his or her work and passionate about ecotourism.

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Specific requirements and skills:

In addition to general skills, the candidate should also have at least two of the following skills for this position:
  1. In-depth knowledge on a destination (country) that is listed or not listed on Kepri's destinations list; speak the language of the said country, know its culture, know its inhabitants and the territory. Having good knowledge of the political and economic context of the country is considered an asset.
  2. Have the will and ambition to seriously contribute to the lasting development of the country as well as the preservation of its natural and cultural riches.
From the start of the candidate's commitment, he or she will work in a team and will receive the support and training necessary for overcoming the challenges involved in creating and accompanying a Kepri trip. The CO's main responsibilities are:
  1. Project management; in other words, setting up a schedule and following it from A to Z. From developing an itinerary to meeting participants after the trip is completed.
  2. Developing ecotourism itineraries.
  3. Marketing trips; taking marketing initiatives in the exploration of new markets.
  4. Selling trips.
  5. Making the necessary reservations.
  6. Establishing and developing partnerships for sustainable development at the destination.
  7. Accompanying the trip.
  8. Organizing post-trip meetings with the participants.

Other requirements:

  1. 1 to 5 years of experience.
  2. Pertinent international experience.
  3. Interest in the preservation of the earth’s natural environment and in the sustainable development of world cultures.
  4. Knowledge in the principles of sustainable development and ecotourism.
  5. Trilingual (French, English and a third language): Ability to read and write in all three languages, additional languages are considered an asset.
  6. Optimistic.
  7. Motivated by results.
  8. Earnest analytical attitude.
  9. Great communication skills.
co_1.jpg Feeling good at the summit
co_2.jpg Horseback riding in Argentina
co_3.jpg Exchanging with the kids in Siwa oasis